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Parents Are to Blame

I have been thinking of why so many children “drop out” of school. They are aware, through the deluge of information within their daily digital media, that the evidence points to a life of poverty with no educational credentials. Why do they not comprehend what they are committing their life to at such an early age? Do their parents bridge the gap or widen the gulf for their success? Do they even care what becomes of their children after they are born? Who do the parents believe is responsible for their children, their self esteem, and their education?

Then I began thinking of who we blame for the failure of children to complete their education. In my previous blog, Educational Catastrophe, I list where blame is usually placed. Why have we become a society where few accept responsibility for being responsible? Is it possible that our heroes left us a legacy of lies, cheating, kick backs, finger pointing, corruption, and denial?

Let’s look at just a few heroes and their examples; Senator John Edwards, Governor Mark Sanford, Mark McGuire, Congressman Thomas Jefferson of Louisiana, President Bill Clinton, Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Marion Jones, Cardinal Law, Richard Fuld and Bernie Madoff to name just a few of the many. What extraordinary examples they set for our culture, for our children, for all of us! As an aside, I remember watching an elderly African American woman in a Detroit line to receive “free money”. She was asked who she thought the check was from and she responded, “Obama”. She was then asked where he got the money and she responded, “…from his stash…” This small example points to an ethic that pervades the entire culture. Is this ethic set into motion by those who are supposed to be our living examples?

Now, when we boil it down to the lowest common denominator, who really is responsible for the success of the children that are birthed in this country?

How about this novel idea, “The Parents”? Imagine that, we are responsible for our children and their path to success; not the teachers, not the politicians, not the clergy, not the neighbors, not the day care centers, not the community, not the country, not the world, and not God. Parents are responsible for the future success of their children.

Why do we have so many drop outs in a country that offers “free education”, not “free money”? They are there, I believe, because they were born to parents, who had parents, who had parents who did not care. They were not raised in an environment of respect, truth, or ambition.

To be candid, they were born and from that time forth fended for themselves. These drop outs have no emotional support, no direction, no goals, no self esteem, no strength, no pride. They live a life of fear; fear of peer rejection, fear of not fitting in, fear of not being acceptable; fear of standing out. They conform to the most undignified life style that is held up as “heroic” by their valueless peers. Their parents don’t notice because they live like those they birthed.

Until we change parenting in our country, no one will ever be able to stop the bleeding. We will continue to spend millions on children who do not value education, but who thirst for the material life that is a result of education. These dropouts will continue to be a wandering herd, all looking the same, doing the same things, in the same way – out of work with no future.

So much for the obvious; my next blog will concentrate on how the brain develops from birth and how parents who do care are able to propel their children into the most fantastic journey of discovery and self worth.

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