Sandra Gunn, a former educator in the public school system, received a federal grant to develop and teach an innovative humanities course for high school students. She authored a diary titled “Reflections”, which was published by the grant and sent to public high schools across the country. Upon completion of this program, she left public education and joined the Council of the Great City Schools in Washington, DC where she helped develop curriculum options for the Great City Schools. This work was designed to build a bridge between the relevance of what a student learns and its practical applications to his/her life. She hosted seminars throughout the country.

With the birth of her two sons she established a home school with pioneering concepts devoted to the exploration of their natural curiosities. The curriculum was based upon the concept that every child is an artist who has a need to express himself; that each question may have more than one answer; that success and failure are part of the same process; that mistakes are positive because they encourage us to change direction; and that work and play are the same. Children learn what has purpose in their lives.

Based upon her life experiences with her two sons as they grew from infant, to toddlers, to young men, she authored a book titled, “Peek-A-Boo, I See You! Learning to Parent From Your Child’s Point of View”.  It won the IPPY award in the Parenting category. The IPPY is the largest independent book competition in the world, which has more than 4000 entries from the US, Canada, and Europe. Peek-A-Boo won the Reader’s Favorite Silver Medal award. Reader’s Favorite is the largest online book competition in the United States.

Her passion is Education and its decline in America. She is an advocate for Future Think; that is Here! Now! A savvy generation of internet boomers are not going to waste their time sitting behind desks in antiquated school rooms watching teachers write on their black boards.

She lives in the Chesapeake Bay Country of Maryland.

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