Lynn Fowlston, Grandmother, Springfield, TN

This is a book that should be in every parent’s home. It brought back memories of raising my own children. In today’s age the values of families have deteriorated. Both parents now a days need to work, children have nothing to do after school till their parents get home, babies are raised in child care. Very few children today know what it is to have family values. Very few families do not sit down and eat together or spend quality time together.

Ms. Gunn , who was a teacher for six years, left the system when she saw how and what children were taught. I have always marveled at children who have been home schooled, how much more knowledge they retained. When the author started teaching her two children at home, they learned how to improvise, how to build, how to plant and grow a garden. They learned by hands on, then sitting at a desk. What better way to learn math then to plan out and build your own tree house. What better way to learn art then let your imagination flow.

I thought back to the time I raised my own children and using cloth diapers and breaking them from the bottle. I have never been a fan of Dr. Spock and all the new fangled idea’s that are out now on how to raise children. The author proves that by raising two fine boys with love and understanding, it shows that children are capable of living a life full of joy, and giving, and imagination.

I highly recommend this book for all parents. Excellent child rearing book.

Lynn Fowlston
Grandmother, Springfield, TN

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